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Dr. Cigdem (“Cori”) Tanrikut is a Fellow in Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery at the Cornell Institute for Reproductive Medicine. She is an Instructor of Urology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University and at Harvard Medical School. She is a member of the Departments of Urology at both New York-Presbyterian Hospital and at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Tanrikut is also a post-graduate research fellow at the Population Council, Center for Biomedical Research, in New York.

After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Tanrikut received her medical degree from the Georgetown University School of Medicine. She completed her Urology residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School before moving to New York to pursue fellowship training in male infertility. Upon completion of her fellowship in Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery she plans to return to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Tanrikut’s research interests include varicocele and its effects on male hormone production and the impact of drugs and environmental exposures on sperm production. She has published several research articles with Drs. Marc Goldstein and Peter N. Schlegel and has produced numerous scholarly DVD/videos in conjunction with Dr. Philip S. Li. She has also collaborated closely with Dr. Matthew Hardy at the Population Council on laboratory projects assessing Leydig cell function.

Dr. Cori Tanrikut can be contacted at 212-746-6143 or via e-mail at

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